We offer a comprehensive range of psychiatric and psychological services which include:

Medication management
Individual therapy
Family therapy
Couples counseling

Psychological testing

ADHD and learning disabilities
Social/emotional assessment
Developmental disorders
Bariatric surgery evaluations
Job clearance evaluations

Immigration evaluations

Group therapy including

Substance abuse
Stress management
Emotional eating
Sleep disturbance
Parenting and Behavior Management
Children’s social skills
Chronic health conditions


Personality Assessment

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WOMEN’S STRESS MANAGEMENT GROUP – Did you know that women have a unique experience and response to stress? Did you also know that stress is not what happens in our lives, but how we handle it? Learn simple, fun and effective stress relieving techniques to help you to meet life’s challenges with greater ease.
EMOTIONAL EATING – Be the best You! Come share information, experiences and emotional support to enhance the chances of long term weight management success. Learn how to create healthy relationships with your food, mind, and body, where you ultimately become the expert of your own body.
SLEEP DISTURBANCE – A 6-week psychoeducational group where participants will learn how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (thinking and behavioral) strategies to manage sleep disturbances and improve the duration and quality of sleep.
PARENTING and BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT –Parents learn and practice skills to manage their child's behavior, as well as obtain support and information regarding educational accommodations. 

CHRONIC HEALTH  - Research shows that exercise can be a powerful and creative tool for changing the way we feel, and that different kinds of movement can be useful for easing anxiety, lifting depression, and managing stress.


SOCIAL SKILLS – Groups for children ages 5 to 7 and ages 8 to 11 focusing on assisting children to develop skills to help them make and keep friends, develop self-confidence, enhance self-esteem, follow rules and directions, tolerate frustration, solve problems, and identify feelings.
LIFE SKILLS – Groups for children on the spectrum ages 5 to 14 focusing on initiating, maintaining, and improving peer relationships and enhancing self-esteem through work on peer pressure, bullying, understanding social boundaries, and effective problem solving strategies. Separate groups are held for different age ranges.
GIRLS GROUP – Groups for female adolescents ages 15 to 17 focusing on healthy relationships, managing feelings adaptively, improving self-esteem, and managing pressure to conform to stereotypical teen images. This group will help teen girls explore issues and get support as they try to adopt healthier and more positive attitudes and behaviors.
BOYS GROUP – A group for male adolescents ages 15 to 17 focusing on anger management, peer pressure, adaptive coping skills, and gender roles. In order to fit in, teen boys may develop unhealthy attitudes and behaviors. This group will help them make more informed decisions about their lives and will promote healthy self-esteem and confidence.